Janos Miko
Lead DevOps Engineer ITG Commerce
Fill your bucket by drop by drop.


Welcome to my site!

Let me introduce myself: I’m János Mikó.

I have always loved technology. I work as a Lead DevOps Engineer and Go developer for nearly 10 years.

It sounds sentimental, but the “cloud” is where I feel at home.

Some Personal Stuff

  • I prefer Everything as Code methodology. When I need to do something twice, I’ll try to automate it.
  • I manage my work and my life using GTD and OKR.
  • I follow stoic philosophy.
  • I meditate daily.
  • I am a proud dad of 2 dachshunds.
Creating an API and a Controller
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Preparing a development cluster
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Create a Kubernetes cluster and a Cloud SQL instance in Google Cloud Platform.
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Golang provides a fantastic way of writing functions called Functional Options. This is a design pattern that allows callers to pass a set of options to a function, each represented by a function. Super flexible, and easy to use.
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503 Backend Fetch Failed - if you ever used Varnish, most probably you will be familiar with this error message. It can be a headache to determine what causes these issues. In the following guide, I will give you some tools which will help to determine and eliminate these error messages.
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Bitbucket Pipelines memory management can be a headache in complex cases. And its documentation is confusing. So let's figure out through examples how it works.
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Atlassian announced self-hosted Runners for Bitbucket Pipelines, let's try them out.
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How can you verify if Magento can reach and utilize the benefits of RabbitMQ? This tutorial will help you to modify attributes of a product using Magento's async API and bulk API.
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It can be a headache to find solutions to run multiple local environments simultaneously without port conflicts when using tools like Docker. This is where Reward can be a very useful tool.
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